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Hire a Wedding Coordinator!

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Hhhmmm! Maybe I should change the title to hire a Professional Wedding Consultant. I mean why not! In the end you end up saving yourself money. When you are hiring a wedding consultant you want to do your research to make sure that you are getting a professional and not someone who just does weddings. Yes there is a difference!

What are the benefits of hiring a professional wedding consultant you ask yourself.  Well Peace of mind says it all. A professional wedding consultant understands that this is probably one of the greatest events of your life and their job is to make sure that you enjoy it. On your wedding day and the days leading up to it you want to be stress-free and dreaming of what is to come. From start to finish a Professional Wedding Consultant will help you plan a realistic budget and help you stick to it, while offering money saving tips.

Your Wedding Consultant can be a very resourceful person. Being in the business and knowing who are the best professional vendors for your budget will help you cut down on research, time and money. I mean that is if you don't want 70 year old Uncle Pete taking pictures at your wedding and developing your album at the local pharmacy. Remember Wedding Consultants are building professional relationships and working with vendors all the time. So they know the quality of work a vendor puts out. Plus because of their connections and ability to negotiate, they can get you the best value for your money

Your Professional Wedding Consultant can be your sounding board to new ideas and help you implement them or offer advice about family members who are less than cooperative. Your Wedding consultant will also offer you etiquette advice, negotiate contracts, coordinate vendor set-up and breakdown, offer advice on gifts and stationary, coordinate hotel accomadations, manage family and friends, arrange honeymoon travels and gift transport just to name a few things. As a matter fact your Wedding Consultant could be your secret weapon to a stress-free, money still in the bank, joyful experience.

The Association of Bridal Consultants is a professional association that requires it's members to adhere to the Standards of Membership and a Code of Ethics. Consultants who are members are continously trained by industry leaders to help them build their business. This makes sure that you get the best for your big day.

Money Saving Tip#
Need to rearrange some things because funds are getting low. How about rearranging the time of day or the day of your wedding. Morning weddings or early afternoon weddings can be less expensive. Some vendors offer discounts for these hidden jewel times. Even a Friday or Sunday wedding would be ideal to cutting back on your budget. Everything from your menu to the style of dress can be a money saver. I mean who knew that you could say "I do" at 11am, take great pictures at 12pm, have an awesome wedding lunch at 1pm, high five Uncle Pete for just attending at 3pm, and catch a plane to a Sandals Resort at 7pm for a fraction of the cost of a Saturday evening wedding. A Professional Wedding coordinator would know this.....I mean how do you think you saved enough money to go to a Sandals Resort for your honeymoon!